Recital Solos - Level 1


00372174_A Distant Bell And A Deserted CottageA Distant Bell and a Deserted Cottage  

Two musical "mysteries.” Features 
changing meters and the sonorities of Phrygian mode.

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Animal Land

Three entertaining musical portraits of scampering squirrels, a mountain burro, and ponderous elephants.

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00372229_City SetCity Set

Students love the four "city scapes" in City Set. Teaching Ideas

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00372172_Dorian TuneDorian Tune

Excellent "first solo" with appeal to young and older beginners, alike.
This simple, A-B-A melody uses all ten fingers in one position. Great introduction to Dorian Mode sonorities. Teaching Ideas 

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00372209_Fanfare Sick on Saturday And JugglingFanfare, Sick on Saturday and Juggling

Fanfare, Sick On Saturday, Juggling  

Three imaginative pieces composed of simple patterns that make this set ideal for early beginners.
A fun, engaging introduction to 12-tone writing. 

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00372212_Folksong Settings

Folk Song Settings

Folk Song Settings (Alouette, Hickory Dickory Dock,
London Bridge, Pop Goes the Weasel. Unique settings of four well known folk songs to spark the interestof any Level 1 student.

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00372427_Grand Staff-CapersGrand Staff-Capers
Early beginners, as well as those farther along, enjoy "Chris the Rhinoceros," "My Dog," "Space Caper," and the others of this seven-solo set. Students tour all the lines and spaces of the Staff (a few notes at a time per solo), and explore the sound of seven different tonalities. The included rhythm flashcards, writing activities, and ear-training and improvisation CD-tracks offer many options for skill-building in a fun, musical way. Also includes entertaining illustrations and CD accompaniments,

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00372155_Its Raining

It's Raining

Combined staccato and legato touches tell of the pitter-patter of rain.

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Little Roguish Clown00372162_Little Roguish Clown

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Row About00372265_Row About

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Saddle Song00372164_Saddle Song

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00372252_Sailors DelightSailor's Delight

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00372376_Solo Adventures 1Solos Adventures - Set 1

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00372309_Ten Fingers A La ModeTen Fingers a la Mode
A unique set of solos that explore all 7 Modes in a variety of styles,
meters, and tempos. Good for any age group.

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00372214_Through the KeysThrough the Keys

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