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Musical Drama for a Favorite Occasion 

Birthday Suite
By Helen Pace

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It's no secret that very little pleases young children as much as a birthday party—so what could be better than a musical drama that celebrates the occasion! In Birthday Suite, Helen Pace has created a group of song-duets for children to sing, dramatize, and/or play along with a parent or teacher. Children and their "helpers" may use their imagination to create new verses and melodies, and to add other instruments. Child's Part is printed in large, easy-to-read notation and may be played on the piano or xylophone.

birthday suite happyBday

Children love to act out their own musical stories, as they sing these happy songs.

Song Titles: The Invitations • Birthday Suite • Baking the Cake • Doorbell Song • Happy Birthday • What A Surprise! • A Surprise Gift • Another Surprise • What to Do? • Lullaby for Pets • La Pinata • Goodbye Song


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