Dr. Robert Pace: A Versatile, Responsive Technique through Finger Builders


The necessity of effective control of fingers as an essential part of good, sensitive piano performance cannot be overstated. But it is not merely a matter of exercising the fingers to make them facile, and isolated finger drill will not as such produce sensitive performers. Rather, it is a process of gaining control so that the fingers can respond in the proper manner at any moment to produce whatever musical effects or sounds are indicated by the symbols on the page of music. Therefore good piano technique should not only enable one to sightread better, and learn pieces more quickly, but it should also enable the performer to play more musically. 

~ Excerpt From FINGER BUILDERS 1, Foreword

FINGER BUILDERS Book 1 gives students the foundation for playing many styles of music. It helps develop technical fluency that enables students "to get the right finger on the correct note, at the proper moment, with the appropriate touch (Robert Pace)." 

The Finger Builders course begins simply, with two-note and then three-note exercises. These transition easily and quickly into five-finger exercises and then tetrachord scales in all keys. Students develop the feel of a good hand position and the tactile sense of playing both black and white keys. Many touch and dynamic variations are introduced to provide the tools for sensitive performance. Book 1 leads smoothly into thumb-under scales and Hanon-style exercises that follow in FINGER BUILDERS 2.  

 • All 12 Major Keys • All 12 Minor Keys • Parallel & Contrary Motion • Slurs • Crescendo & Decrescendo • Circle of Fifths • Staccato & Legato • Tetrachord Scales • Contrasting Dynamics • Major and Minor Arpeggios •   >>> Reviews:  Amazon.com   /  Sheetmusicplus.com


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