Grand Staff-Capers with CD

By Cynthia Pace

Setting: Classroom, Studio, or Home

As they play and improvise on "Chris the Rhinoceros," and the other short vignettes of this seven-solo set, students tour all the lines and spaces of the Staff (a few notes at a time and explore seven different tonalities. The included rhythm flashcards and writing activities, along with ear-training and improvisation CD-tracks, offer many options for skill-building in a fun, musical way. Also includes entertaining illustrations and CD accompaniments.

Songs include: Chris, the Rhinoceros Mixolydian) • Unicorn (Dorian) • Kiai! (Pentatonic) • My Dog (Chromatic) • Sleuth Mouse Detective (Minor) • Song of the Frogs (Major) • A Musical Story (Your Own)

24 pages 
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