Adult Beginners: Piano Plain and Simple w/CD

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Piano Plain and Simple w/CD
00372364…144 pages
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Level: 1 -  Adults &  Teens

By Cynthia Pace

Piano Plain and Simple offers adult beginners 144 pages of delightful music and step-by-step instruction, building piano skills essential for any style of music. See Table of Contents.

The CD’s 91 audio tracks and 91 midi tracks (adjustable for tempo) help adult/teen beginners get the sound and feel of each piece as they practice.


  • The learning sequence moves steadily but always within the student’s reach.   
  • Plain, simple instructions and big-picture concepts enable students to teach themselves along with learning from a teacher.
  • Lots of white and black-key combinations, throughout the book, better prepare students to play a wider range of styles and sounds. 
  • Theory principles, writing exercises, and fun, creative improv/composition activities make for a well-rounded musical foundation.


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