Piano for PreK to Early Elementary


Child's Book
Music for MoppetsTM

A joyful introduction to music for very young beginners, Pre-K to Early Elementary. Creative learning activities tailored especially to this age group develop eye, ear, and finger coordination, a basic foundation for “musical thinking,” and most importantly, eagerness for the excitement and fun of musical exploration.



00372278Teacher's Manual
Music For MoppetsTM

Organized in 16 units spanning 16 to 32 weeks, this manual provides invaluable suggestions for making lessons a happy musical and creative experience for each child.



00372289Child's Book
Moppets Rhythms and RhymesTM

Children's songs and games chosen for their "fun" value as well as for their excellent teaching qualities. This collection of original game-songs, set to the strongly rhythmical verses of well-beloved Mother Goose rhymes, strengthens young children’s innate sense of rhythm and understanding of melodic direction.



Teacher's Manual
Moppets Rhythms and RhymesTM


Step-by-step tips on teaching each new song or game. Offers many helpful suggestions for introducing musical terms and concepts to groups of young children of divergent capabilities.


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