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First Lesson: A Balanced Diet from the Start!

At the first lesson the child "makes music" withoutattention to symbols at this point, but not at theexpense of acquiring habits which will be uprooted later.
— Dr. Robert Pace

Image of children exploring music motion by marching on KeyboardThe child first learnspieces byusing what s/he can do-- singing, clapping, respondingto high and low by "shaping" the melody in the air—and by following with his/her eyes the"picture" of the melody outlined by the finger numbers to be used.

• Bylooking only at the pageand not at his/her hands when learning a new song, the child beginsto develop the all-importanttactile senseof the keyboard.

• Black keys as well as white keys are used from the first lesson.Why ignore the black keysfor weeks or months? A child usually seesthem first. (See"Why Multi-Key"and"Transposing to All Keys—Information Overload or Beginners' Building Block?")

• The first five notes in any key are quickly found, becoming the basis for harmonylater on.

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